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SANITARY MEASURES HOTEL *** DU DOMAINE DE SOMMEDIEUE – COVID-19 CLEANING PROTOCOL imposed in usual time and more particularly during this period. We ask staff: Respecting the forward way avoids cross-contamination and protects staff and customers. The coronavirus currently monopolizes the news but other germs can be transported by dirty hands, soiled linen or poorly cleaned sanitary: staphylococci, streptococci, coliforms, mycoses, etc … • Prepare the cart (but leave it in the corridor), including hydroalcoholic gel. • Turn off the heating or air conditioning and ventilate the room. • Evacuate waste (trash, litter left by customers …) and dirty linen (taking care not to put it against you). o Be careful to separate clean laundry from dirty laundry on the trolley! o If there are dirty dishes belonging to the hotel, they are taken care of by the restaurant kitchen • Apply cleaning and disinfection products in the bathroom and toilets (they must act for 10 to 15 minutes depending on the brand). • Dust off the furniture (desk, tables and bedside tables, headboards and footboards, armchairs, chairs and stools, lamps, tables and decorative elements, radiators, etc.). • To disinfect (wipes or disinfectant spray and dishcloth) the contact areas (door handles, switches, television remote controls, etc.) • To make the bed. • To clean the bathroom (ending with the dirtiest, ie the toilet). o The wearing of household gloves is essential when handling sanitary maintenance products and when cleaning, to protect personnel. If they are not for single use, these gloves must be named and cleaned after each use. o Toilet cleaning is also done from the cleanest to the dirtiest, with a cloth impregnated with detergent-disinfectant: outside of the bowl, toilet seat, inside edges of the bowl then mechanical descaling of the bowl with the brush (which must also be disinfected). Flush the toilet to finish. • Place clean linen in the bathroom and welcome products, then wash the floor. • Aspirate the floor of the room (vacuum cleaner in current cleaning) or sweep it (wet sweeping) with a trapezoid broom then clean it with a product adapted according to the cases (marble, tiles, parquet etc…) sculling, which allows you to remember every corner. Finish with the door threshold. • Close the windows and turn on the heating if necessary, as you progress in the room so as not to have to retrace your steps. • To disinfect the banister of the staircase Thorough hand washing should be done very regularly, after handling waste, dirty linen, before making the bed with clean linen and after removing the household gloves. The hydroalcoholic gel is very practical if you cannot use water and bactericidal soap. We will not put any unplasticized stationery and brochures in the rooms THE RESIDENT Wearing a mandatory mask in the common areas RESTAURANT Wearing a mandatory mask when traveling Tables and guests separated by one meter Bar service only on terrace or tables Hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance of the restaurantou have alcoholic gel at your disposal in the room, to disinfect your hands as often as possible