Imagine a succession of lakes linked by a river and from crystal clear springs

1200 ha of forest form the catch basin at the foot of the Côtes de Meuse.  There are no agricultural, household or industrial waste to befoul the purity of the waters.

With an area of 13 ha completely enclosed by a high wall the Domaine de Sommedieue offers a private beat comprised of 4.5 km of river, stream and lake banks limited to a maximum of 15 fishermen.

The waters are crystal clear even during periods of heavy rain due to their being fed by natural underground springs.

4 lakes joined by streams and a river of 1ère catégorie under French law.

The average water temperature is 10°C.

Fishable year round!  Due to the natural springs the water stays cool through the heat of summer and ice free throughout the worst winters.

Here you are not at reservoir but on a true fishing ground

Thanks to the crystalline clarity of the waters you will be able to stalk and cast (with nymph, shrimp, dries) to superb fish:  rainbows, browns, brook trout and grayling in the lakes and rivers with some of the trout weighing up to 6 kg.

At Sommedieue the rainbows reproduce naturally and during the spawing season you will be able to observe the fish in flamboyant nuptial colors on their redds in the surrounding streams.

Natural reproduction is not sufficient to meet the fishing pressure therefore we also raise our own trout so as to adapt them to their new surroundings and trickle feed them into our lakes.


Here you find the companionship of other fishermen in a friendly and relaxed setting!

You may not necessarily be a fisherman but you do enjoy the better things in life so the Domaine is open to you (only by reservation and with a minimum of 24 hours advanced notice)

Lovingly prepared cuisine with a choice between the chef’s suggestions or menu drawn up by yourself.

The meals are served either in the Lodge or on the terrace beneath the shade of the Linden trees.

Business meals or just friends and family, we can host up to 30 guest for lunch.  If you wish we can host a private event for you in the evening but there is a 10 person minimum.

At the sound of the lunch bell all fishing must stop and the fisherman and guests return to the Lodge for a well earned meal!

For your pleasure we offer a selection of single malt whiskies and fine cigars.  What better way to close a day in Paradise than with a single malt and Havana!

Discover an exciting new way to fish

The Domaine is an ideal place to learn or perfect the technique of sight nymphing.

A perfect way to introduce someone to nature and fishing!  As of 10 to 12 years old children can being to learn and some of the finest masters of this fine art are women.

Instructors are available on site and all equipment is furnished.  Courses can be for either one or three hours.

Everything you need to equip yourself!

A legendary brand whose quality is of the highest level.

Unique in the Region you will find a large choice of felt hats (in the European style), caps and Chapskas.

Here you work in the full tranquility of nature

Fully equipped conference room for 15 persons, breakfast and either the Chef’s suggestion at lunch or a menu of your own devising.

Possibility to rent the entire Domaine.