Friend Fisherman
This regulation has the merit of existing, it also has the merit of being applied, do not take it as a prohibition but as a code of ethics. Any fly fisherman worthy of the name will respect it, intervening would be unpleasant.

The rule :

  • Single hook without pinion or barb correctly crushed
  • Large fine mesh landing net (no river racket). ATTENTION, we do not supply landing nets
  • Fly: maximum 12 hook
  • Bottom of a resistance of 2 KG minimum (the 12.8 on some flo carbons make + 2kg)
  • (1) Streamers prohibited (allowed from 1 November to 15 March: maximum size 4 cm, hook of 12)
  • Forbidden bobbies, blobs and salmon egg imitation
  • Train of flies and indicator prohibited
  • Fishing permitted on the Dieue (river of 1st category) during opening period and only in dry

The fisherman’s ethics towards fish :

  • The preserved fish are immediately killed, weighed and refrigerated
  • Delivered fish should be gently removed without touching them if possible. Photo shoots should be done above the water
  • Re-oxygenate the fish in case it is difficult to leave (especially after a long fight)
  • Any fish caught by the ears is condemned
  • Any connected fish must be kept (taken in the gills)

What you can collect per fishing day:

  • Only rainbows of 40 cm and under
  • 2 fish / day fishing (3 for a stay of 2 days), for a weight of about 2 kg.
  • no kill total on farios, char, common shadows and bows of + 40 cm
  • Before putting trout in your ice cream or refrigerator, you must present them to the lodge


 For what reason we forbid the streamer?

  • 15 fishermen using the streamer, the fish will be biting at first, and then it will be stressed, refusing all imititations of insects, thus breaking the course for other fishermen.
    When you appeal to the fish’s instinct for food and not to its aggressive instinct, trout will resume several times during the day, maintaining the quality of fishing for all fishers
  • Because the site is dedicated to leisure and not to competition, which distorts the ethics of this beautiful technique. The goal is not to scorer, but to fish for the true imitation of the fly in its metamorphosis and not to fish with a cane with the fly and with flies that do not resemble flies (bobbies, salmon eggs, Blobs, imitation earthworms ……… and all that the competition has brought)
  • Because here the waters are crystalline, allowing to fish or chase the trout and not fish the water to the tactile. This is not fly fishing too, use a touch indicator as a stopper in our clear waters or the nymph technique at sight can be practiced as nowhere else